Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On AFV Logic again

Finally, all the pre-orders and orders of AFV Logic on or before 16th Nov have been shipped.

It takes a much longer time than we expected on card sorting and packaging of AFV Logic Set. For a full set of AFV Logic Basic Plus, we have to sort 300 AFV Smart Cards of 50 models into a box while 102 PVC Marker Cards of 23 types into 20 plastic pockets in AFV Tournament Bag, plus putting 12 Armor Leader Cards into a separate plastic seal lock bag.

Eventually, we have to spend almost an hour on card sorting and packaging on each single set of AFV Logic Basic Plus before shipping. It's really a meditative process as all our partners have to learn how to concentrate on the simple but repetitive task after our daytime work in the past couple of weeks.

It reminds me the time when I was young doing the summer job in the factory earning my first pack of ASL and first pair of sneakers decades ago.

Also, every time I carried my large bag in red containing about 10 -15 sets of AFV Logic Basic Plus ( each weight about 1.2 kg ) to the post office, I felt like Santa Claus though the queue is long and slow-moving before Christmas shipment deadline.

The story behind the production of AFV Logic is really a tall one. I am going to write something more about it on our blog later. 

For the manual of AFV Basic and AFV Plus , I am also going to send you the files to your emails in days. 

Though we have come across the idea of making a video on AFV Logic, I reckon I have to give a small break to my partners first. 

It's time for me to go back to my night reading. Whether it is the book by Ken Follet or Martin Amis or Jasper Fforde is still a question.


p.s. There is now only about 50 full sets of AFV Basic Plus left in our stock.

Monday, November 7, 2011

AFV Logic Plus is now ready.

Finally, we have collected all the components of AFV logic Plus. It is a long and winding road to make them all on earth. All who have ordered from us will soon get it. Once we have finished the packaging and card sorting in a couple of days and we will send them to your homes. Sorry for the short delay.

Here are some photos of AFV Logic Plus ( transparent PVC Marker Cards and Armor Leader Cards):


Updated List of Transparent PVC Marker Cards & Armor Leader Cards:

a. Motion (transparent) x 8
b. CE/BU (transparent) X 6
c. CMG Disabled/Malfunction (transparent) X 5
d. MA Disabled/Malfunction (transparent) X 5
e. Shock/Unlikely Kill (transparent, punched) X 2
f. Shock/Unlikely Kill (white) X 3
g. stun/+1 (transparent) X 5
h. STUN (transaprent, punched ) X 4
i. Abandoned (transparent, punched) X 5
j. BOG (transaprent) X 5
k. Immobilized (transaprent) X 5
l. Mired (transparent) X 5
m. Recall (transparent, punched) X 4
n. AAMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
o. AAMG Malfunction (transparent) X 4
p.BMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
q. BMG Malfuntion (transparent) X 4
r. RMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
s. RMG Malfunction (transparent) X 4
t. Depleted A (transparent) X 4
u. Depleted B (transparent) X 4
v. Depleted C (transparent) X 4
w. Depleted D (transparent) X 4
(Depleted A -D are allocated in different locations on the card according to the different locations of ammo on AFV Cards)

102 Transparent PVC marker Cards

Armor Leader Cards:

- Michael Wittmann X 3
- Dmitriy Lavrineko X 3
- Lafayette G. Pool X 3
- Joe Ekins X 3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We are now .........

in the final stage of production of AFV Logic and Tournament Bags :
updating or bargaining with the manufacturers at least three times a day,
final checking the products on site ( the bag factory and the printer ) to 
make sure everything alright , preparing the logistic and custom affair and
once we get the final products safe and sound, we will 
spend a couple of days to do the card sorting manually by 
ourselves and finally.... finally we will send our babes to you 
in the best condition.

I promise.


Monday, October 17, 2011

CW Product is available at Internationale Spieltage in Essen, Germany (20-23 Oct)

Our products SteelMaster Module A, Module B and AFV Logic Basic will be available at SPIEL, the biggest game show in Europe from 20th to 23th Oct, 2011. You could find CW products at Hall 6, Booth 111 through our Germany/Austria distributor "Brave New World Distribution".

Hall 6, Booth 111
"Brave New World Distribution"

You could also see the prototype of AFV Logic Tournament Bag with the display of AFV Cards in our AFV Logic System.

Though the full set of AFV Basic Plus is not yet available at the game show, you could also order your own set there. 

SPIEL official site

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prototype of AFV Logic Tournament Bag ( A Gift for AFV Logic Basic Plus)

We have just got the prototype from the manufacturer and so we would like to post a few photos of it and get some of your advice or comment before the final phase of production.

The size of it is around 23cm X 32cm ( similar to F4 Size ) while the width of its side could be extended to 4 -5 cm.

It can accommodate the  AFV Cards, countersheets, map boards , scenario pack and etc.

There is a front pocket but we may change the way it placed in the final design.

Our CW tanker logo of is considered to be printed on the outside of the bag.

When you open the bag and take away the ASl luggage inside, you will see 10 transparent plastic pockets on both sides.

In altogether 20 pockets, you can place AFV Cards or Marker Cards in whatever way you feel comfortable or sight-friendly during the play.

It's easy for you to put a sticker on the plastic pocket for you to do some extra marking. 

A stretch of orange lining is considered to be sewed along the side.

They could also be placed in a vertical position.

Your advice or suggestion is needed before 10th Oct for the refinement of AFV Logic Tournament Bag.

AFV Logic Tournament Bag is now a gift for AFV Logic Basic Plus.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

About Transparent# PVC Marker Cards (ASL Logic Plus)

(The image in the video and below are not the finalized version of our design layout)

Once we have posted the launch of AFV Logic, we received some inquires about how Transparent# PVC Marker Cards work.

Some more elaboration on the concept of Transparent# PVC Marker Cards might be needed before we getting the prototype of it a week or more later.

PVC Cards we use is a kind of slim and handy transparent plastic card. ( 85mm X 54mm in size, around 0.4mm thick)

Each Marker Cards will offer different marker information on different part of the card.

For Example, we now have 4 marker cards:

As 4 marker cards are transparent and the marker information is placed in different corner of the card layout.
When placing them over each other, you will get an image below and could see all the marker information at one glance.

For marker card like special ammo depleted, the marker is located at the same position of special ammo info of AFV Smart Card. So when asl player place it over our AFV card, it could help indicating which special ammo has been depleted on the specific AFV. 

(The above images and the images in the video is not the finalized version of our card design layout.)

The types of AFV Maker Cards (102 pieces of cards) we would like to include in the upcoming set of AFV Logic Plus and AFV Logic Basic Plus:

1. Motion
2. Immobilized
3. MA Disabled / Malfunctioned
4. SA Disabled / Malfunctioned
5. PMG Disabled / Malfunctioned
6. CMG Disabled / Malfunctioned
7. AAM Disabled / Malfunctioned
8. RMG Disabled / Malfunctioned
9. Recall
10. Shock
11. Unlikely Kill
12. Special Ammo Depleted ( 4 types )
13. AA Mode

Please feel free to write us: if you have any advice and comment on our AFV Marker Cards as we could still update or add a new marker card you suggest before the phase of final production ( around 10th Oct 2011)

Design Ideas behind AFV Logic Tournament Bag

The design idea behind AFV Logic Tournament Bag is for carrying AFV Logic Set, Map Boards, Counters , Scenario Packs and etc. during your trip to the tournaments and homes of game buddies. During the game, it is an accessory for displaying 20 AFV Cards or 20 sets of transparent# AFV Marker Cards at a sight-friendly position and angle. It could be a kind of substitute for cloaking table for holding counters in firm position. It is now a gift for AFV Logic Basic Plus. Hopefully, we will get the prototype later this week. Then we will post the photo of it and we will need your comment and advice before the final phase of production. Thanks!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Symbols on AFV Smart Cards

"Our design of AFV card is to facilitate and simplify the info-retrieving during the course of the game. We then attempt to symbolize the information on Chp H pertaining to each model of AFV or other info on AFV counters so that it could help save the time and effort. However not all the notes are being symbolized as it may not be possible to be done on the handy card size(90mm X 54mm) of AFV Smart Cards. So the notes being symbolized are chosen according to the importance during the play.  The details could still be referred to Chp H whenever necessary."

We are welcome if you could give us more advice and comments on the making and design of the AFV Smart Cards. 

We are always in need of your support. Thanks!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The List of Models in AFV Logic Basic

Design Concept Behind AFV Logic Basic (Revised)

A.  Reminding players of various effects of range, caliber size, barrel length, firing smoke on the TH and TK number. 

*For the Modified TK#, the effect of hitting target AFV rear (C7.21), aerial advantage (C7.22) are not reflected on the table of our AFV Reference Card because they depend on the target rather than the AFV firing. In addition, CH causes doubling of Basic TK# before applying other modifiers (including the range effect) to the Basic TK#. To avoid complicating the tables on the AFV reference card, the basic TK# are boxed in red for players own calculation on the Modified TK#.

*Most of the AFV do not have TK# of AP vs unarmored vehicle present on the card. It is easy to understand as HE is more effective than AP while firing against unarmored target, except for those main guns having caliber less than 37mm. (Of course, for those geeks who want to lower the risk of creating burning wreck, they may fire AP round in destroying trucks….)

B.  Containing all the information shown on the official counters – no need to pick and flip the official counter to read the information on the counter.

C.   Can mark the special ammo depletion and optional equipment, to avoid high stack of neutral markers on a single AFV counter. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AFV Logic - Our Ambition to Double the Excitement of ASL

- AFV Logic is a off-board counter system that Countersmith Workshop designed to speed up the game by skipping all the trivial calculations and simplifying the  complicated markings about AFV. 

- It makes AFV-heavy scenario or scenario of a bigger scale be an accessible option for us again at home, game house or in the tournaments.

- It saves time we once spent on reading rules or calculations so that we could now enjoy solely the fun and excitement on military strategy.  

- It avoids the messy calculations and markings about AFV that once cloud our judgement in the battlefield.

- It benefits ASL players of both beginner or connoisseur AFV combat level

- Both our AFV smart cards and transparent PVC maker cards make all data accessible without any sight difficulties to ASL players. 

- For scenario designers, AFV-heavy scenario could be put on the list of design again as scenario even involving dozens of AFV is now gamer-friendly. Approximately, in our initial play-tests, half of the time we once spent on the game could be saved after using AFV Logic.

AFV Logic - Three New Things in ASL Variants 

Basically, it consists of the three new components in the system.

AFV Logic Basic

a. AFV Smart Cards 

- All AFV data in One Read 

- The first batch (Set A) is 300 pieces of AFV Smart Cards (90mm X 54mm) covering 50 models of German, US, Russian and British AFV commonly appeared in battlefield.

- It consolidated Modified TH and Modified TK Table. 

- It reminds players of various effects of range, caliber size, barrel legth, firing smoke on the TH and TK. 

AFV Logic Plus

b. Transparent* PVC Marker Cards 

- All Marker Info In One Glance  

- AS we select transparent PVC cards as the new material for making AFV maker cards, we could place each AFV Marker Card over the other and we could still read all marker informations, like Motion, Immobilized, SA Disabled, Recall, Special Armor Depleted and etc. in one glance. 

- It solve the problem while placing the tall pile of marker counters over AFV counters but without being able reading all marker informations.

- It skips extra note marking on the paper for Special Armor Depleted or others.

- Our first batch is 102 pieces of AFV Marker Cards covering 23 types of markers.

c. PVC Armor Leader Cards (Collector Edition)

- Our first batch is 12 pieces of PVC Armor Leader Cards to pay our respect to 4 tank aces

- Michael Wittmann

- Dmitriy Lavrineko

- Lafayette G. Pool

- Joe Ekins

- In the play, PVC Armor Leader Card could be placed under AFV Smart Card before revealing it to your opponents.

(The above is only the concept photo of AFV Logic Plus. The real design file or product photo will be posted in the near future.)

Estimated Date of Release:

AFV Logic Basic - 15th October 2011

AFV Logic Plus - 30th October 2011


AFV Logic Basic : $39.5 + shipping charge

AFV Logic Plus : $28.5 + shipping charge

AFV Logic Basic Plus : $58.5 + shipping charge
( AFV Logic Basic + AFV Logic Plus + 1 Optional Gift)

About Optional Gift of AFV Logic Basic Plus 

You could write your gift preference in paypal note and we will give the one you choose as long as the stocks last. Otherwise, it will be given in random.

3 Optional Gift:

a. 1 Card Holder for Smart Card

b. 20 Premium PVC Card Pockets

c. AFV Logic Tournament Bag