Monday, November 7, 2011

AFV Logic Plus is now ready.

Finally, we have collected all the components of AFV logic Plus. It is a long and winding road to make them all on earth. All who have ordered from us will soon get it. Once we have finished the packaging and card sorting in a couple of days and we will send them to your homes. Sorry for the short delay.

Here are some photos of AFV Logic Plus ( transparent PVC Marker Cards and Armor Leader Cards):


Updated List of Transparent PVC Marker Cards & Armor Leader Cards:

a. Motion (transparent) x 8
b. CE/BU (transparent) X 6
c. CMG Disabled/Malfunction (transparent) X 5
d. MA Disabled/Malfunction (transparent) X 5
e. Shock/Unlikely Kill (transparent, punched) X 2
f. Shock/Unlikely Kill (white) X 3
g. stun/+1 (transparent) X 5
h. STUN (transaprent, punched ) X 4
i. Abandoned (transparent, punched) X 5
j. BOG (transaprent) X 5
k. Immobilized (transaprent) X 5
l. Mired (transparent) X 5
m. Recall (transparent, punched) X 4
n. AAMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
o. AAMG Malfunction (transparent) X 4
p.BMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
q. BMG Malfuntion (transparent) X 4
r. RMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
s. RMG Malfunction (transparent) X 4
t. Depleted A (transparent) X 4
u. Depleted B (transparent) X 4
v. Depleted C (transparent) X 4
w. Depleted D (transparent) X 4
(Depleted A -D are allocated in different locations on the card according to the different locations of ammo on AFV Cards)

102 Transparent PVC marker Cards

Armor Leader Cards:

- Michael Wittmann X 3
- Dmitriy Lavrineko X 3
- Lafayette G. Pool X 3
- Joe Ekins X 3

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