Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Design Concept Behind AFV Logic Basic (Revised)

A.  Reminding players of various effects of range, caliber size, barrel length, firing smoke on the TH and TK number. 

*For the Modified TK#, the effect of hitting target AFV rear (C7.21), aerial advantage (C7.22) are not reflected on the table of our AFV Reference Card because they depend on the target rather than the AFV firing. In addition, CH causes doubling of Basic TK# before applying other modifiers (including the range effect) to the Basic TK#. To avoid complicating the tables on the AFV reference card, the basic TK# are boxed in red for players own calculation on the Modified TK#.

*Most of the AFV do not have TK# of AP vs unarmored vehicle present on the card. It is easy to understand as HE is more effective than AP while firing against unarmored target, except for those main guns having caliber less than 37mm. (Of course, for those geeks who want to lower the risk of creating burning wreck, they may fire AP round in destroying trucks….)

B.  Containing all the information shown on the official counters – no need to pick and flip the official counter to read the information on the counter.

C.   Can mark the special ammo depletion and optional equipment, to avoid high stack of neutral markers on a single AFV counter. 

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