Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On AFV Logic again

Finally, all the pre-orders and orders of AFV Logic on or before 16th Nov have been shipped.

It takes a much longer time than we expected on card sorting and packaging of AFV Logic Set. For a full set of AFV Logic Basic Plus, we have to sort 300 AFV Smart Cards of 50 models into a box while 102 PVC Marker Cards of 23 types into 20 plastic pockets in AFV Tournament Bag, plus putting 12 Armor Leader Cards into a separate plastic seal lock bag.

Eventually, we have to spend almost an hour on card sorting and packaging on each single set of AFV Logic Basic Plus before shipping. It's really a meditative process as all our partners have to learn how to concentrate on the simple but repetitive task after our daytime work in the past couple of weeks.

It reminds me the time when I was young doing the summer job in the factory earning my first pack of ASL and first pair of sneakers decades ago.

Also, every time I carried my large bag in red containing about 10 -15 sets of AFV Logic Basic Plus ( each weight about 1.2 kg ) to the post office, I felt like Santa Claus though the queue is long and slow-moving before Christmas shipment deadline.

The story behind the production of AFV Logic is really a tall one. I am going to write something more about it on our blog later. 

For the manual of AFV Basic and AFV Plus , I am also going to send you the files to your emails in days. 

Though we have come across the idea of making a video on AFV Logic, I reckon I have to give a small break to my partners first. 

It's time for me to go back to my night reading. Whether it is the book by Ken Follet or Martin Amis or Jasper Fforde is still a question.


p.s. There is now only about 50 full sets of AFV Basic Plus left in our stock.

Monday, November 7, 2011

AFV Logic Plus is now ready.

Finally, we have collected all the components of AFV logic Plus. It is a long and winding road to make them all on earth. All who have ordered from us will soon get it. Once we have finished the packaging and card sorting in a couple of days and we will send them to your homes. Sorry for the short delay.

Here are some photos of AFV Logic Plus ( transparent PVC Marker Cards and Armor Leader Cards):


Updated List of Transparent PVC Marker Cards & Armor Leader Cards:

a. Motion (transparent) x 8
b. CE/BU (transparent) X 6
c. CMG Disabled/Malfunction (transparent) X 5
d. MA Disabled/Malfunction (transparent) X 5
e. Shock/Unlikely Kill (transparent, punched) X 2
f. Shock/Unlikely Kill (white) X 3
g. stun/+1 (transparent) X 5
h. STUN (transaprent, punched ) X 4
i. Abandoned (transparent, punched) X 5
j. BOG (transaprent) X 5
k. Immobilized (transaprent) X 5
l. Mired (transparent) X 5
m. Recall (transparent, punched) X 4
n. AAMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
o. AAMG Malfunction (transparent) X 4
p.BMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
q. BMG Malfuntion (transparent) X 4
r. RMG Disabled (transparent) X 4
s. RMG Malfunction (transparent) X 4
t. Depleted A (transparent) X 4
u. Depleted B (transparent) X 4
v. Depleted C (transparent) X 4
w. Depleted D (transparent) X 4
(Depleted A -D are allocated in different locations on the card according to the different locations of ammo on AFV Cards)

102 Transparent PVC marker Cards

Armor Leader Cards:

- Michael Wittmann X 3
- Dmitriy Lavrineko X 3
- Lafayette G. Pool X 3
- Joe Ekins X 3