Tuesday, September 27, 2011

About Transparent# PVC Marker Cards (ASL Logic Plus)

(The image in the video and below are not the finalized version of our design layout)

Once we have posted the launch of AFV Logic, we received some inquires about how Transparent# PVC Marker Cards work.

Some more elaboration on the concept of Transparent# PVC Marker Cards might be needed before we getting the prototype of it a week or more later.

PVC Cards we use is a kind of slim and handy transparent plastic card. ( 85mm X 54mm in size, around 0.4mm thick)

Each Marker Cards will offer different marker information on different part of the card.

For Example, we now have 4 marker cards:

As 4 marker cards are transparent and the marker information is placed in different corner of the card layout.
When placing them over each other, you will get an image below and could see all the marker information at one glance.

For marker card like special ammo depleted, the marker is located at the same position of special ammo info of AFV Smart Card. So when asl player place it over our AFV card, it could help indicating which special ammo has been depleted on the specific AFV. 

(The above images and the images in the video is not the finalized version of our card design layout.)

The types of AFV Maker Cards (102 pieces of cards) we would like to include in the upcoming set of AFV Logic Plus and AFV Logic Basic Plus:

1. Motion
2. Immobilized
3. MA Disabled / Malfunctioned
4. SA Disabled / Malfunctioned
5. PMG Disabled / Malfunctioned
6. CMG Disabled / Malfunctioned
7. AAM Disabled / Malfunctioned
8. RMG Disabled / Malfunctioned
9. Recall
10. Shock
11. Unlikely Kill
12. Special Ammo Depleted ( 4 types )
13. AA Mode

Please feel free to write us: countersmith@gmail.com if you have any advice and comment on our AFV Marker Cards as we could still update or add a new marker card you suggest before the phase of final production ( around 10th Oct 2011)


  1. Hi

    could you make the colours/text the same as on the actual marker counters in BV , then we wont have to relearn a new subset to use the PVC cards

    IE have them purple, red orange etc like these


  2. dude, thank you for your advice. I will try to do some adjustment and indeed the image above is the finaL design and also the color we use has something to do with printing on pvc materials.

    Usually, printing on transparent pvc needs more color contrast and bolder lettering for better visual effect. When printing on pvc, the color will usually become lighter than the ones we see in the design file.It's like taking a photo with a diffusion filter.

    Comparing with plastic card we use in daily life,like credit card, since it is covering with a coating before printing, it's easier for them to display the image with details and contrast. But if we have to keep the transparent effect, we can't place a coating on it.

    Anyway, i will talk to the printer to see if we could take more reference from the original marker counter.