Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prototype of AFV Logic Tournament Bag ( A Gift for AFV Logic Basic Plus)

We have just got the prototype from the manufacturer and so we would like to post a few photos of it and get some of your advice or comment before the final phase of production.

The size of it is around 23cm X 32cm ( similar to F4 Size ) while the width of its side could be extended to 4 -5 cm.

It can accommodate the  AFV Cards, countersheets, map boards , scenario pack and etc.

There is a front pocket but we may change the way it placed in the final design.

Our CW tanker logo of is considered to be printed on the outside of the bag.

When you open the bag and take away the ASl luggage inside, you will see 10 transparent plastic pockets on both sides.

In altogether 20 pockets, you can place AFV Cards or Marker Cards in whatever way you feel comfortable or sight-friendly during the play.

It's easy for you to put a sticker on the plastic pocket for you to do some extra marking. 

A stretch of orange lining is considered to be sewed along the side.

They could also be placed in a vertical position.

Your advice or suggestion is needed before 10th Oct for the refinement of AFV Logic Tournament Bag.

AFV Logic Tournament Bag is now a gift for AFV Logic Basic Plus.

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