Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank You & Some News about SteelMaster Module A - E

Thank You, just after a couple of days of the launch , we are receiving so many orders from you near or faraway while we are in the retreat camp discussing about our future actions in counter design or variants. It's really heartwarming and encouraging after our months of slow , stupid or almost 
stubborn work of drawing and design.

Thank You!!

Now we are confirming some new series of SteelMaster and their dates of release:

DC0039 - SteelMaster, Module A (German/Russian) - 2 April 2011

DC0040 - SteelMaster, Module B (US/BR) - June

DC0041- SteelMaster, Module C ( Italian/French/Axis minor) - September

DC0042- SteelMaster, Module D (Chinese/Japanese/Allied minor) - November

DC0043- SteelMaster, Module E (Finnish) - To be confirmed

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  1. What happened to modules C through E? I have Module B and just ordered A and would get the rest if available...