Saturday, February 26, 2011

Steel Master Module A (German/Russian Turret Counter)

Our first design of turret counter sheet that tells everything you want to know or have overlooked in ASL rulebook.

DC0039 - Steel Master, Module A (German/Russian)

Steel Master is a series of model-based turret counters in supplementing ASL system counters. Its first module, Steel Master Module A, contains 3 double-side color counter sheets depicting the full set of 1/2” turret counters for official German & Russian AFV plus their variants, some previously omittedIt functions as an all-embracing marker for skilled players, reminding all once-forgotten or overlooked turret factors in your next fierce ASL battleVictory is always on the side of forward-thinking commander.

DC0039 - Steel Master, Module A (German/Russian)
product info:
- 3 die cut double-side color turret counter sheets  (780 turret counters)
- a turret counter feature menu
- individual plastic package

Date of release: 2nd April 2011 
Sale price: $29.5 
Regular price: $39.5

1. It tells the exact-calculated turret armor factor, both the front and the side/rear. 
(For example,the turret of PzIIIF has an AF of 4 and 2 for its front and the side/rear respectively. The exact turret AF is now displayed on our new design to save us from the confusion on reading the square and circle symbol on the official vehicle counters.)

2.  It tells whether each equipment could be operated or not under CE/BU status, i.e. the MA, CMG, AAMG, sP, SN etc. There is also an reminder for the firing of sM within TAC.

3.  It tells all the complicated information on the official AFV counters in a simple way by our separate turret counter without the worries of studying the back of the official counters and the vehicle note in the rulebook before each act of tactical move.
( For example, a single glance at the M3 Lee turret counter will tell the distinguishing fact that it can fire its AAMG under both CE/BU status.)

4.   It tells the allocation of the optional equipment among the same set of counters of a particular model of AFV without the trouble of writing down the identity letter of each counter manually. We provide two different sets of turret counters for the same AFV model displaying if there is an optional equipment or not.
( For example, there are two sets of turret counters for PzIVF2 with or without Sz. It makes you less worried about the pencil marking but more focusing on your next move to victory.)
In addition, turret counters with optional AAMG and/or RMG are provided to get rid of the limitation of the official countermix. 

5.    It tells if a particular model of the AFV is in the condition dug in and/or armored cupola in the strong point while there was only the universal turret counter to all the AFV models in the official counter set.

6.    It adds a series of the long-omitted AFV variants for connoisseur AFV combat players and creates new legendry scenarios.
(For example,T-34/57 M1941, more than 100 produced in the early stage of Russian Campaign, is now added to our new design to recover the lost history in ASL combat. A new turret counter for T-34/57 could be placed on top of the official T-34/76 AFV counter, which is identical to T-34/57 in all aspects expect the main gun, to defend the Holy Motherland of Russia during the high tide of Axis invasion in 1941.)

Our Contact:

Please feel free to ask anything about our new turret counter or tell us about your most-desired reproduction of ASL variants.

Steel Master Module B (US/BR) will be launched in June. For details, we will announce the exact date and price in our upcoming notice on both facebook page and blog.

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  1. A tad expensive, but I know the cutting dies are not cheap and of course the multi-colored printing also adds cost.

    Just not sure I can justify or not - well - I have a few weeks to decide due to the pre-order pricing (the normal price is definetly out of bounds)

  2. I think this is excellent. It may be just 'chrome' but that is part of ASL :) You can never have too many counters!

  3. I have done a news review of the counters on my blog if you want to check it out or comment. Looking good and intrested where your ideas will take you. Obviously lots of work has been done by you guys.


  4. Great Idea. Can't wait until Module B and then the rest!!